Eek! My first proper post!

So, I thought I’d go for a classic, staple part of my daily routine which doesn’t have too many steps but is essential to keep my skin looking fresh.

A background on my skin type:

  • Combination-to-oily skin
  • Acne prone skin
  • Sensitive skin

Skincare is obviously very important, and I find with my skin I really do need to take care of it before it goes crazy! Below, you’ll find a step by step breakdown of the products I use, how I use them and where you can get them yourself.

Step 1: Micellar Cleanser

Initially, I go in with my Simple Micellar Water and a soft cotton pad to wipe off any oils and dirt from throughout the night and to give my skin an initial clean. I use a separate cotton pad for my forehead to the rest of my face as my forehead is where I get spots, as well as the oiliest part of my face.

I really love the Simple range as it caters so perfectly for my sensitive skin! By using this micellar water, my skin doesn’t feel too dry yet it does feel cleansed, and, if I’m having a lazy day in, serves as the only cleanser I use that day – and tbh need to use.

The price of this may be a little higher than other cleansers, but the bottle is 400ml and takes forever to get through! Having used it for the past few years, I’ve only had to repurchase once.

Find at: Boots – £6.59


Step 2: Facial Wash

I then use my Soap & Glory Facial Wash. This product is an absolute godsend and I cannot sing its praise enough! Using just a grape sized amount (as recommended on the bottle) I softly rub the product into my skin. It has little beads inside which gently exfoliate my skin as well as cleansing it. Firstly, the smell is gorgeous and my skin is so so so clean after using it!

By thoroughly cleansing my skin with this, my skin rarely gets oily throughout the day. Although it cleans my skin so deeply, it importantly doesn’t dry it out.

Once again, it may be considered pricey but, at 350ml, it once again takes some time to get through so definitely worth it.

Find at: Boots – £8.00


Step 3: Moisturiser

Having done essentially two cleanses, I defo need to moisturise!

As I have oily skin, I use the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser which keeps oils at bay all day! I dot this around my face, with a slightly bigger focus on my forehead, and gently massage upwards into my skin.

It really is so hydrating and moisturising but is so mattifying it even works well under foundation as a primer. Once again, as it’s by Simple, it’s perfect for my sensitive skin and something I have repurchased since my first use. I even have spares on hand both at home and at uni!

Find at: Boots – £4.29


Step 4: Eye Cream

My final step is usually eye cream. As a uni student, late nights are not uncommon and, whilst I’m not prone to dark circles or eye bags, I do sometimes see them beginning to poke through so I use the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cube.

I simply roll this under my eyes and bring it slightly up to my eyelid for a super refreshing and cool sensation. It doesn’t leave any kind of cast so it’s perfect to put on in the morning and have it working throughout the day.

One drawback would be the price as the cube is very small for the price. If anyone has any good alternatives, I’d love to know!

Find at: The Body Shop – £9.50


(Optional) Step 5: Sun Cream

My last step is the Soltan Sensitive SPF 30 Sun Cream. I say this is optional because the UK rarely gets sun!

But when it is sunny, I make sure to slather this all over and, luckily, this does not leave any white cast on my skin and is still easy to wear makeup over. Once again, it’s perfect for sensitive skin and blends in super easily and quickly.

Find at: Boots – £6.50




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