There is one brand who I absolutely adore that I keep coming back to and that is (surprise!) NYX! Although not all my makeup is from there (obvs) I use many of their products in my go-to makeup routine.

Here’s a rundown of my favourite products and let me know if there’s anything you swear by that I need to try out!

I own a ton of lipsticks by NYX, but I’m saving them for a lipstick collection post, so stay tuned!

Matte Bronzer (Shade: Deep Tan)

My favourite bronzer ever!!! This bronzer shows up perfectly on my brown skin and brings back colour whilst not looking even slightly grey or dull. It can be used with a fluffy brush for all over bronze, or concentrated with a dense brush as contour and lasts all day as either.

If your makeup, like mine, is often matte, then this bronzer fits in perfectly for locking in that shine even more and complimenting the rest of the look.

BUY – £8.00

Shine Killer

This is a classic silicone-based primer for those who have oily/shiny skin. This primer keeps that completely at bay and stays true to its name! It has quite an oily texture but blends into the skin quickly.

Word of caution, however. I’ve personally found that the thinnest layer of this works best, otherwise, my skin ends up being shinier than it was before!

I tend to use this primer on days when I need my makeup to last all day but usually, I rely on my moisturiser as my primer (oops) on less long-wearing days.

BUY – £11.00

Be Gone! Lip Colour Remover

This is something which I didn’t even know I needed until I was trying to meet the free delivery minimum on the NYX website.

This is a little tube of magic which completely removes even the longest-wearing of lipsticks, as well as putting the moisture and hydration back into your lips. The littlest amount goes a long way and can effectively remove lipstick without leaving a stain or drying out the lips even more.

For the size, it is a little pricey, however, it is incredibly helpful and not much has to be used to remove a full liquid lip.

BUY – £4.50

Matte Finish Setting Spray

Great, affordable setting spray! Once again, sticking with the matte theme, this setting spray keeps my makeup matte and budge-proof all day. It’s super refreshing as well!

The only drawback would be that the spray is quite direct so it needs to be held at quite a distance. Otherwise, not much more to say other than I love it.

BUY – £7.00

Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

This is a really handy palette to have if you’re traveling as it has 8 blush shades (4 shimmers, 4 mattes) and the colours go from some classic pinks, to brown, to gold!

The pigment on the blushes are really strong and show up perfectly on my brown skin. The only issue would be the pan size as when using my big fluffy brush and aiming to get one colour, I end up picking up a couple others by accident, though that may just be my clumsiness…

It’s a true staple in my makeup collection and I can always find a blush to compliment any look!

BUY – £17.00

Ultimate Multi-Finish Shadow Palette (Warm Rust Palette)

Once again, a handy little eyeshadow palette to take on holiday or a staple to have in your collection!

The idea of the Ultimate Multi-Finish collection is that there are 4 core shades, and each shade is in the palette as a matte, a shimmer, and a glitter. It is such a clever idea and means that you can potentially create a multitude of looks for different occasions with essentially four colours.

The pigment on the shadows is crazy good, and the glitters do work best with a dampened brush (or with your finger) but do still show up really well without.

NYX has four palettes in the Ultimate Multi-Finish collection so check them out for your favourite palette!

BUY – £18.00

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